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Business and Professional English Courses

Designed in response to the needs of our clients and their employees, our Business and Professional English Courses represent an opportunity for non-native English speakers to improve their spoken and written English. They aim to provide our clients with the necessary tools and techniques to produce professionally written communication and to deliver appropriate verbal communication for every situation.

Business English courses are dedicated to improve the language specific to your industry, socialising and networking within the business community.

Our dedicated professional English tutors will travel to your premises to save your  time and encourage you to achieve the best results and to  gain the confidence and skills you need to communicate in the international marketplace, they will give you homework and feedback on a  regular basis and as your knowledge of the English language improves,  you will gain a real sense of achievement with a greater confidence  to sustain these vital presentations and conversations with your English-speaking colleagues and customers.

As well as the one to one language training we also offer lessons via Skype providing a more flexible way for you to learn English.


English for Diplomats

In our experience learners respond more readily to tuition when it is presented in the context in which they will be working. This enables them to see that there is a direct relevance to their current jobs and to their long-term careers.

The English of diplomacy, like the language used for other special purposes, has much in common with general English. But the profession of diplomacy requires a language with characteristics which distinguish it from other varieties. There is, for example, a specialised vocabulary of both words and phrases that are not normally found elsewhere and words which are in common use but which are sometimes used in a special way in a diplomatic context.

More importantly, English is used in the conduct of international affairs to achieve specific diplomatic ends. Diplomats need a command of the subtleties of language close to that to be found in a native speaker. They need a large vocabulary to enable them to choose the right word among similar alternatives. And they will need to master constructions such as modal and phrasal verbs to express their precise meaning. Diplomats also need a command of intonation and of a wide range of registers and an understanding of the way in which English can communicate meanings beyond those of the words themselves.


Military Language Courses

Military language courses are tailored to the specific needs of the unit, or Defence Attaché, be it foreign language tuition for deploying troops or English language learning for Allied troops. We understand and can comfortably cater for the military’s language needs, providing them with Military terminology and cultural briefing.

Prima’s courses are designed around what is best suited to the role of the students. We have a long and successful history of working with the Army, Navy and Airforce. The courses encompass General Military vocabulary as well as specific job related activities. Classes can be on a group basis or, for specific Defence Attache’s roles, on a one to one basis. Our tutors often have to join students on their role play and practical exercises. Language instruction away from the classroom is an important confidence builder in preparation for real scenarios.




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